A $1.5 billion jail is coming to Phoenix

The federal government has announced it is moving forward with plans to build a $1 billion jail in Arizona.The $1,200 million project, called Project Phoenix, will house federal inmates for several years, with a goal of serving up to 3,000 inmates by 2026.It is one of several planned federal facilities in the country.The $1bn is […] →Read more

Which cities are the safest in the US?

A new analysis of federal crime statistics by the Institute for Justice found that the vast majority of the country’s largest cities are not safer than they were in 2017.Cities with fewer than 100,000 residents have a rate of violent crime for every 100,00 residents.Only six of the 10 most dangerous cities are located in […] →Read more

Why Madison Correctional Facility in Alabama is getting a $5.5M upgrade

MADISON, Ala.(AP) The U.S. Department of Justice has awarded $5 million to a privately held Alabama correctional facility for installing new electronic monitoring and surveillance equipment, officials announced Wednesday.The Department of Corrections awarded the contract to the Madison Correctional Institute for the installation of the technology in the Madison County Jail, the agency said in […] →Read more

Why a jail is a bad place for tech founders

A prison in Texas is not the ideal place to build a startup.But it’s an interesting place to study and work.In a prison, you don’t have to worry about what to wear or how you look.Instead, inmates are expected to learn the skills they’ll need to be productive members of society.It’s a more challenging environment […] →Read more

How to make your own robot: the ‘secret weapon’ of the prison industry

A lot of people in the US prison industry are starting to talk about the robot.At first glance, it looks a lot like a human.It’s also got a built-in camera, microphone, and a speaker system.But the robot isn’t actually a robot.Instead, it’s a computer controlled by an artificial intelligence (AI) system.This is the “secret weapon” […] →Read more

What you need to know about Lakeland Correctional Facility and the Florida Department of Corrections

Lakeland is home to the state’s largest adult residential facility, the adult correctional facility in Orlando.But for some reason, it was also home to one of the largest correctional facilities in Florida. Lakeland is located in Lakeland, FL, about 20 miles south of Orlando.It is the state capital, and it’s also the largest city in the […] →Read more

How to plan for the impact of the Ebola virus

A few months ago, I had to make some decisions about my future and I decided to take some time off to try and get myself healthy.That’s when I began to worry about my health.I was a nurse in a nursing home in Texas and I had been in contact with my mother, who had […] →Read more

Why is your heart so good at finding cancer?

Medical News Now – September 09, 2018 – The body has to deal with a certain amount of stress and a certain level of pain.But there’s something about the stress and pain that creates a unique reaction in your body, called sympathetic nervous system arousal.It’s the body’s way of coping with the stress.Research shows that […] →Read more

How to spot the inmates who are the worst offenders in the UK’s prisons

The word “prison” has never been so familiar.It describes a facility with a population of just over 40,000 people in the English-speaking world, with some 1,200 prisoners housed in each of the country’s five prisons.The inmates are kept there by prison guards who are paid a salary, and the conditions are similar to that of […] →Read more