Why I love using Google Maps, but hate its ‘google’ part

Google Maps is an excellent and ubiquitous app, but there’s one thing it lacks: a voice.This isn’t a problem with Google Maps as a whole, though, because in many cases the company has made voice capabilities available to third-party apps.You can’t use Google Maps for your phone without Google Voice, but that’s a major selling […] →Read more

How to stop a prisoner from committing suicide

The suicide of a corrections officer at a Texas correctional facility is under investigation after her suicide note was discovered on a desk, authorities said Thursday.The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) said in a statement that an inmate at the Newberry Correctional Facility died Sunday.The TDCJ said a prison guard discovered a suicide note […] →Read more

How to find a new job for a college student: How to get a college scholarship

As part of the NCAA’s new Student Academic Success Plan, colleges will be required to offer scholarships to students enrolled in four-year programs in order to compete for their spots in the next wave of sports.While these scholarships are not the same as full scholarships and may not be awarded to the full extent of […] →Read more

Dr Faciler’s ‘Rise’ review: A deep dive into the story of a remarkable woman who’s helped me survive the war

Dr Facilers journey into the war in the US has been captivating me.For me, she’s the embodiment of what I believe to be the power of fiction.She’s not just a war heroine; she’s also a storyteller.She’s not alone.The world’s best fiction writers have been working with her.A recent Guardian story about her is a fantastic […] →Read more

How to get an appointment at assisted living facility

An elderly person living at an assisted living home may be able to make a home visit appointment at the facility and receive an evaluation from a physician.But it may be a lot more complicated than that.In a new study, researchers at the University of Iowa and Johns Hopkins University found that a person may […] →Read more

Which fish kill facility is in the news

In a bid to increase the safety of patients, the State of California has announced it will open a facility at California Medical Facility (CMF) in the San Fernando Valley to provide humane treatment to inmates.The announcement was made on the second day of the World Fish Week in the state and the facility, which […] →Read more

Elmiira Correctional Facility to open in August 2018

The Elmiara Correctional Facility in Michigan will open in the summer of 2018, the state Department of Corrections said on Tuesday.The facility is located in the city of Elmsford, about 40 miles east of Detroit.The facility’s main goal is to help inmates with their substance abuse problems, which include the use of illegal drugs and […] →Read more

Israeli army says 4 killed, 1 injured in suspected Palestinian stabbing at Tel Aviv gas plant

4 Israeli soldiers and an American civilian were killed and one seriously wounded in a suspected stabbing attack in a gas facility in the occupied West Bank on Friday.The army said four soldiers were killed when a Palestinian assailant opened fire at the site.No Israeli troops were injured.A witness said the assailant was wearing a […] →Read more

The Best and Worst of Jail for the Young

Prisoners and parolees are often accused of not caring about their health.This article, however, takes a look at how inmates can benefit from the best correctional facilities for young offenders. This article was written by a National Review contributor and originally published on The Daily Reckoning.The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do […] →Read more

“The mother who raised me”

“I want to say to you: You have been my mother.You have my daughter.And you have my brother, too.But there is one more thing, too: You are my mother, too.”Queenboro Correctional Facility in Virginia has been a place where mothers and daughters have grown up.It has been the setting for stories that are all the […] →Read more