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  • When will the FSU-Clemson game be televised?

    The FSU vs Clemson game will be shown on ESPN’s SEC Network. On Tuesday, ESPN and Fox Sports announced the start time for the game. The SEC Network will also broadcast the Clemson vs FSU game on Tuesday. “We’re excited to bring this exciting game to a national audience, and we look forward to the excitement that will […]

  • Why Madison Correctional Facility in Alabama is getting a $5.5M upgrade

    MADISON, Ala.(AP) The U.S. Department of Justice has awarded $5 million to a privately held Alabama correctional facility for installing new electronic monitoring and surveillance equipment, officials announced Wednesday.The Department of Corrections awarded the contract to the Madison Correctional Institute for the installation of the technology in the Madison County Jail, the agency said in […]

  • How to get the most out of your adult care stay

    There are a lot of different options for adult care facilities, but one that I have found the most useful is the use of a private home.You will pay for a room and board, but there are other benefits too.They provide privacy and can be flexible, allowing you to make a different schedule.They are also […]

  • Passport acceptance for Cuyahoga County jailers is in jeopardy after state rejects new rules

    Cuyahsoga County Sheriff Wayne Dyer says the county has received a new passport rejection certificate from the state after the state Department of Corrections rejected the county’s application for a new state passport application.The county submitted the application last month, which was rejected because it was not on file.Dyer told The Plain Dealer on Wednesday […]

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