Which fish kill facility is in the news

In a bid to increase the safety of patients, the State of California has announced it will open a facility at California Medical Facility (CMF) in the San Fernando Valley to provide humane treatment to inmates.

The announcement was made on the second day of the World Fish Week in the state and the facility, which opened on December 11, will be located at a site known as the Fishery Conservation Center (FCC) near the Fisherman’s Market in Santa Clarita.

The facility will house approximately 10,000 fish, including the endangered yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, and many other species.

The fish will be transported to the FCC where they will be used for processing, filletting and sale, according to a press release.

The fish kill program will start on January 1 and will be completed by March 2018, the release said.

The Fishkill Correctional Facility (FCF) will be the second fish kill in the State and will also house up to 6,000 animals, including fish, according the release.