When is a prison transfer likely?

In January, Queensland prison services chief John O’Brien said a new rehabilitation facility would be constructed within the Hutchison correctional facility to house inmates recovering from mental health issues.

He said the facility would open in 2020.

Prisoners at Hutchison are being treated with a variety of drugs and have to be monitored 24 hours a day.

The facility is not being named for legal reasons.

When will the prison facility be open?

The new rehabilitation centre would be a 12-bed facility and would be open from 2020.

When will it open?2023.

The state government is expected to release a public consultation document in the first half of 2021 to discuss the rehabilitation of Hutchison Correctional Centre.

Why is the Hutchinys new rehabilitation site located within the same correctional facility?

The facility was originally built in the 1970s.

In the 1990s, the jail was closed for renovation and a new facility was constructed at the Hutchins property.

It is not clear what caused the jail to close for renovation.

What is the main difference between the two prisons?

Hutchison Correctional facility has three distinct buildings.

At the centre of the complex are the two jails, where people can be held if they are deemed to be dangerous or in need of treatment.

Outside the prison is a building called the Hutchinson unit, which houses offenders from other jails.

The Hutchins unit is designed to house people who are deemed dangerous and require treatment.

It is a single-story building with four floors, two entrances, a fire escape and a private entrance.

Hutchinson is home to more than 600 inmates, but is also used by some of the state’s most serious offenders.

The prison has a maximum security lockdown.

How does the rehabilitation facility compare to the old Hutchison facility?

The rehabilitation facility is much more modern.

There are four different areas in the Hutchinson facility, including a residential unit, a recreation unit and a treatment unit.

Each of the three areas has separate areas for individuals with different needs.

“There are different areas for different people,” Correctional Services Minister Andrew Constance said.

Are there any special needs at Hutchins?

Yes, there are, Mr Constance added.

Mr Constance has previously said the prison would not be the only facility in the state to offer a rehabilitation facility.

“There will be other rehabilitative facilities, they are very similar to Hutchison,” he said.

Mr Constence said the rehabilitation unit would be located in a new building with a different design and layout.

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