How to fix a problem with fitness center at Davis correctional facility

A fitness center that is supposed to provide recreation, health, socialization and other services for inmates in Collins Correctional Facility in Georgia was closed last week.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the facility closed to allow staff to work with new inmates.

Collins correctional officer Mark Crouch said the facility was under a mandatory closure order when the facility shut down.

The facility was set to be closed in mid-April for the second time in three years.

Crouch told The AJC that staff members were working in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to find a solution.

Cuts, closures, and reopening for recreation, mental health and recreation services are just a few of the many problems that need to be addressed by the Georgia Correctional Association to keep inmates healthy, according to the union.

The union also says there needs to be a comprehensive overhaul of the correctional system to improve its overall efficiency.

The Georgia Correctional Union is a union representing correctional officers, jail staff, and corrections supervisors in Georgia.

The association represents more than 2,000 correctional officers and supervisors, with more than 700,000 people in Georgia’s prisons and jails.

In an attempt to get an accurate count of inmates, the Associated Press found that Collins officials told AP they only keep the most serious criminals out of the facility, which has a maximum capacity of about 300.

The Associated Press reported that there are nearly 2,500 inmates in the facility.