Why you should pay attention to the state of Florida’s health care system

Posted June 06, 2018 06:11:58Florida’s healthcare system is in dire need of a makeover, and that’s exactly what a group of top health care executives are looking for.

According to a letter released by the Florida Healthcare Coalition, the state is “out of step” with other states when it comes to how it delivers care, and they’re trying to help fix it.

The letter is one of several coming from top executives from across the country and the healthcare industry, including U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell, and CEO of health care company WellPoint Jeffries.

The group is looking to expand its existing state-wide network of facilities, as well as the healthcare infrastructure around it, to make the system more efficient and effective.

The group has also pledged to invest $100 million in new medical facilities.

The Florida Healthcare coalition’s executive director, David Kostelnick, said the group is excited to see what happens in the next year as the state moves toward a state of health.

“Our focus is to make sure we get our infrastructure in place,” he said.

“That means building and renovating facilities, and then having people in charge of that.”

He said the coalition’s mission is to get Florida back on track and “make it more effective, efficient and sustainable.”

“This is not about trying to fix a broken system,” he told The Associated Press.

“It’s about making sure that we’re delivering the best care to people who need it most, and it’s about doing it right.”

As for Florida’s state-run health care, Kostellnick said that’s where the group’s focus is.

“We want to get the state on track to deliver better health outcomes to Floridaers, and we want to make that happen by investing in quality facilities,” he explained.

“So we’re focused on improving our facilities, building new facilities, investing in new healthcare infrastructure.”

In addition to addressing the state’s infrastructure, Kastelnick said he’s excited about the potential of a new state-funded plan to expand access to healthcare across the state.

“It would make it easier for Floridaans to get health care when they need it and less expensive for them,” he added.

“In other states, you’ve got to go to the doctor.

But if you want to have a good quality health care plan, you have to go home, you need to go somewhere else and it takes you a long time to get your care.”

In Florida, however, Kustelnick stressed that the state needs to focus on making sure its citizens can access the health care they need.

“People have to be aware of their health care,” he stressed.

“You need to be very diligent in monitoring what you eat, what you drink, what medications you take, what your stress levels are, what other medications you’re taking.

We need to make it easy to get quality care, we need to keep patients safe, and make sure they’re getting quality care.”