Nurses working in recycling facility say they have been harassed

Nursing facilities across the U.S. are facing backlash from a growing number of nursing home residents who say they’ve been harassed, verbally harassed and physically assaulted by employees.

The National Association of State and Territorial Nursing Home Directors (NASNT) is demanding a federal investigation into the incidents, which the NASNT says are part of a broader pattern of harassment of nursing staff in nursing homes across the country.NASNT spokeswoman Ann Ellington said that she has seen incidents of nurses being verbally harassed, physically assaulted, or even fired.NASNHS officials told The Associated Press that some of the incidents have occurred on nursing home property and in the same facilities.

In Florida, NASNHS is currently investigating one nursing home after a nurse in one of its facilities was physically assaulted.NASNND spokeswoman Ann Farr told the AP that nursing home officials have told her they are aware of two nursing home employees who have been threatened with violence, but the NASNND has yet to confirm whether any of the threatening messages are related to the incidents.NASNs also told the Associated Press the attacks have also happened in the nursing home’s facility in Texas.NASNH says it has spoken to at least seven nursing home staff and has contacted all of them, but it has not received a response from the nursing facility.

The NASNT is calling on federal agencies to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the incidents.

“We’re very concerned that this kind of harassment and abuse of the nursing staff is happening and it needs to stop,” Ellingon said.

“There’s an awful lot of work that needs to be done in terms of educating nursing homes about the law and the laws governing nursing home personnel and that they should know how to comply with it.NASDNH is also calling on state lawmakers to enact legislation to provide protections for nursing home workers.

The NASNH is asking members of Congress to pass a law that would make it easier for nursing homes to file complaints with the state of a complaint that has been substantiated.

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