Clemson Football’s Chad Slade gets a raise

Chad Slades current contract is for the 2016 season.

It is a five-year deal.

Slades current deal is for $2,350,000 per season.

The Clemson football team is set to receive $1,650,000.

Clemson will be getting $750,000 from the program, which is a major raise from previous years.

Clemson Football is in a good position for the upcoming season.

Slade is a solid contributor on offense, which will help his contract.

Clemson also has a new defensive coordinator.

Slade’s new contract is good news for Clemson fans and the Clemson football program.

Clemson is getting an experienced veteran to run their football program and Slade has done a good job of doing so.

It will be great for the program and Clemson fans.

Slading’s new deal will allow him to continue to contribute to the Clemson program.

Slades salary will be more than what Clemson is receiving in the new contract.

Slides contract is a four-year, $1.2 million deal.