Willard Correctional Facility, Texas, shuts down

Willard, Texas – A facility for women serving time for violent sexual assault has closed.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice and Public Safety announced the closure on Friday morning.

The closure affects the prison’s main buildings and staffs, as well as the prison health department and other administrative offices.

The facility had been operating without a single inmate, as of May 15.

The Department of Corrections has said it plans to hire additional staff and begin to renovate its facilities to ensure the facility is ready for a full reopening. 

Willard is located in southwest Texas, near the state’s border with Mexico.

The state has seen a number of prison-related deaths in recent months.

In May, an inmate died after a prison employee refused to clean a bathroom stall where he was sitting, the AP reported. 

In June, a state judge in Harris County, Texas found Willard had violated the rights of two inmates in a custody dispute.

A federal judge in San Antonio has also found that inmates at the facility were deprived of food and medical care.