Aussie driver is reunited with family

Two men from Perth’s south-east have reunited with their loved ones after a four-month search and rescue operation.

Key points:The pair were separated at the beginning of the search but were reunited after four monthsThe two men were arrested and taken to Coos Bay jail on Christmas EveTwo men in their early 20s were found dead in their Perth home on Christmas DayPolice believe they may have been involved in the fatal accidentThree of the men have been charged with murder and are awaiting trialThe men, aged 22, 27 and 31, were found hanging from a tree in the backyard of their apartment in the northern suburb of Coos, police said.

They had been in custody since January.

They were arrested by WA Police on Christmas day.

“We have been working with the families of the deceased to locate the missing men and to determine the cause of death,” Coos Police said in a statement.

“The two remaining men in custody are being held at Coos and await further inquiries.”

Two of the victims were in the process of being released to a care home when they were discovered.

“There is no information to suggest that any of the two deceased had been involved with any crime prior to their deaths,” WA Police said.

“No previous offences are believed to have been committed by the two men.”

Police said they were confident they had the “all the facts” to link the two victims to the crash.

“During the search for the missing pair, they have been reunited with loved ones and are now able to share their experiences with each other,” police said in the statement.

The pair’s deaths came less than two weeks after a group of four men were found shot dead in a house on the same street.

Two of those men were aged 25 and 31.

Both were in their 20s.

One of the shootings was also ruled accidental.

Police said the three men in the Coos house were known to each other and the victims did not know one another.

The Coos family is devastated by the deaths of the four men, which happened in the same block of flats on Christmas night.

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