How the Government plans to fix Australia’s prisons

A $6.2bn fix for Australia’s prison system has been delayed, after it was discovered the government had not paid the contractors it contracted for work.

The Government’s Department of Corrections has been asked to provide the Government with a report on the state of Australia’s correctional facilities by the end of the year.

Corrections Minister Scott Morrison’s office said in a statement that the department “will make any necessary corrections” to the report before it is published.

Agency to release details of work to contractor in new report by the close of business on July 10, 2019.

“As the report is finalised, the Government will release the detailed findings of the audit of our correctional facilities and its findings will be made public,” it said.

However, a report by private consultancy Deloitte has been sent to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, asking for details of how the Government is compensating the contractors who did the work for it.

It has been referred to the department’s independent auditor, John Daley.

Deputy Federal Opposition leader Tanya Plibersek said it was a “grave oversight” and called for the report to be released.

“[The Auditor-General] has been doing this for years and years and the Auditor-general has been very critical of the Government on this issue,” she said.

“We’ve got a very serious audit coming up on the performance of the Department, on the management of our prisons and the management, and I think the Auditor should be required to release the full report so that people can have a look at what is going on here.”

There should be a clear and accurate accounting of what the Government has done to the state’s correctional system.

“”There’s a huge number of people that are behind bars in this country and there’s a massive amount of people who are behind these prisons, and we need to ensure that they are held to account and that we can have humane, decent and secure prisons,” she added.