Mourners hold vigil for missing Muskegon corrections officer after missing for four days

Two mourners, including one wearing a wig, held a vigil Monday at the Muskegians correctional facility in northwest Michigan, mourning the loss of a correctional officer who disappeared in February.

The funeral of the inmate, identified only as Darlene, was held at a church Sunday morning.

She is survived by her husband, her daughter and two stepchildren.

“We all want the best for her and her family,” said her father, James H. Hanks.

Hanks said his daughter was the “best person in the world.”

“She was a beautiful, kind soul,” he said.

“I want to say, please God, we will see her again someday.”

Muskegian officials have said the inmate’s disappearance sparked a search for her that led them to the home of her boyfriend, who had been staying with her in Muskega.

The couple was living together at the time, but it was not immediately clear if they knew each other.

A few days after the couple’s first reunion, police searched for the woman, and her boyfriend was later arrested.

She was later found dead in the woods near Muskego, and police found a note inside her cell, which said she had planned to return to her former boyfriend.

Authorities have not released details about what led to the search for Darlen.