Why you should watch the new film, The Witch

With a few more films in development, we’ve seen a growing trend of female-led horror movies.

And while some of the genre’s most beloved directors and writers are still making films for women, there are still plenty of directors who are actively trying to get more people to care about their work.

Now, the Witch has been given a much needed boost, thanks to a new trailer released by the filmmakers.

In the trailer, director Laura Harrier stars as a witch who is tasked with protecting her home from a group of vampires.

In a series of scenes, Harrier and the rest of the cast explore the paranormal, as well as discuss why some of their characters don’t seem to fit in with the society around them.

While it’s not quite a feminist-led film, the trailer shows how filmmakers are working to change the cultural attitudes of the industry.

Here’s the trailer:Here’s more about The Witch:This is just the latest in a growing list of female filmmakers making movies for women.

The Witch is one of the first horror films directed by a woman to hit theaters, and the director has been making films that have been a big success.

She also recently completed a short film for the Women in Film Festival.

Here are a few other notable women filmmakers working in the horror genre:Emma Sulkowicz is the activist and activist who protested the way that Columbia University profited off of the rape and death of a student.

She has since been awarded the National Merit Scholarship to study film, theater, and literature at the University of Missouri.

The film was inspired by the way Sulkowskowicz handled the aftermath of her assault and the trauma she experienced, and it’s been screened at screenings around the country.

In an interview with The New York Times, Sulkowksowicz explained how she chose to tell the story about her assault.

“I felt like this was a story that could be told, a story about the rape culture, about the culture of power, about racism, about gender violence, about sexual violence.

And the way it was told, it was so powerful,” Sulkowski said.

I’m proud of the film.””

It’s been one of my most powerful films to date, and to see it be seen in front of so many audiences has been incredible.

I’m proud of the film.”

The Witches is now available on Netflix, but the trailer isn’t available yet.

Here’s a look at the trailer for The Witch, directed by Laura Harriers: