When a new player arrives at the Serie A club, he’s not really a new face but a new arrival

New arrivals, new faces, new surroundings: that’s the new name for the new arrivals at the newly-opened Colleone Nerazzurri.

The new arrivals, the first of which is Alessandro Florenzi, will soon be a new fixture in the Colleones dressing room.

He is the first Italian player who will be in the club’s first team and he has come with a lot of hype.

In the first week of his first season in Serie A, Florenza made his debut against Fiorentina, a match which has been dubbed by many as the ‘first Serie A game’.

He is known as the new face of the Nerazzuardi after his name was emblazoned on the shirt of the first team.

But he has also brought his own baggage with him.

A former striker for the Genoa club, Florentzi has been playing in the lower leagues and in the last few months he has played for both Lazio and Udinese.

After the Italian Super Cup final, the former Juventus star had an encounter with an agent who told him he was ready to leave Italy for the Premier League.

He was in the right place at the right time.

After two seasons at Udinese, the player has signed a new contract with Nerazzo and he hopes to help the club win back some of the glory they lost in the Champions League final.

He has also been in the news recently due to his recent fight with his father.

When Florenzi arrived at Colleonia, he was a 17-year-old and after two years of training, he played in the first match of the season.

His team-mate, Gianluca Di Marzio, says he was already on his way to a career in the game.

“He was already in his prime when he came to Colleonerie,” the striker explained.

He has a good body, he runs well and he will be a very important player in the future. “

When he came, I saw him in training with his friends and I told myself, ‘I can do it’.

Florenze has been working hard and has a contract for two more years at the Nerazione. “

I’m very excited about his future.”

Florenze has been working hard and has a contract for two more years at the Nerazione.

He will have to wait until next summer to leave Colleona, when he will have the chance to play for other teams.

“It’s my last year here, I hope to get a lot out of it and try to make the club proud,” he said.