Why did it take so long to find a new home for Willard?

A facility has been closed and a prison has been opened in the Australian Capital Territory.

Key points:The facility at Willard, a maximum security federal prison in the Northern Territory, will remain open for a yearAfter two months of closure, the facility will be shut and a new prison will be builtAt least five other prisons will be closed or converted over the next two yearsThe closure of the Willard facility is the result of the closure of another facility in the NT in May 2018.

But the closure has sparked questions over the quality of the care provided to the people who lived there and whether they are being properly supervised.

In a statement, Corrections Minister Ian Macdonald said he understood the reasons for the closure.

“I am concerned that some of the people that were there when the facility was built, some of them have not been provided with the quality care that they need to be able to continue to maintain their facility,” Mr Macdonald told reporters on Tuesday.

“They are being sent to a new facility where there is not the same quality of care and facilities that were in place when the new facility was being built.”

What is a minimum security prison?

A minimum security facility is a maximum-security facility that requires a minimum of 24 hour-a-day supervision of a minimum number of people.

A facility that is a correctional facility has a maximum capacity of about 50,000 people and has a minimum capacity of 1,000 inmates.

Key Points:Willard prison was closed in May but is still being convertedThe facility will remain closed until it is reopened at some point in 2019The facility has not been used in a yearThe facility was originally built in 1960 but the facility has become a maximum -security facility since the 1960s.

It is a prison for people convicted of offences including serious sexual offences, robbery, murder, and serious property offences.

It was originally run as a maximum prison until it was upgraded in 1995, and has since been used for some of Australia’s most serious sexual offending offenders.

In 2017, it was the centre of an international scandal when two men were convicted of raping a 15-year-old girl in a shower at the facility.

The facility is also home to some of those held in immigration detention centres and has been criticised for overcrowding.

In 2018, the Correctional Service of Australia said it would close the facility, which houses about 400 prisoners, to improve conditions.

The Government said the closure was an “exceptional” step.

“The rehabilitation of the inmates in Willard was a long and arduous process that required considerable care and the long-term commitment of the community,” it said.

“We recognise the importance of ensuring the care and rehabilitation of these inmates is maintained, and are committed to continuing this commitment in the future.”

What happens next for Willards staff and prisoners?

A year on from the closure, Willard inmates will be moved to the new prison at Warkworth in the northern NSW town of Wagga Wagga.

Willard inmates who remain at the new facilities will be released on parole and moved to community detention, while those released at the old facility will receive vocational training.

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