Why Madison Correctional Facility in Alabama is getting a $5.5M upgrade


(AP) The U.S. Department of Justice has awarded $5 million to a privately held Alabama correctional facility for installing new electronic monitoring and surveillance equipment, officials announced Wednesday.

The Department of Corrections awarded the contract to the Madison Correctional Institute for the installation of the technology in the Madison County Jail, the agency said in a statement.

The $5,500 grant, part of a $25 million nationwide contract awarded to the prison, will help improve safety and quality of life for inmates, DOC spokesman Tim Johnson said in an email.

The jail is part of the Madison Community Correctional System.

The technology, which uses wireless technology, has been installed at the jail since December, DOC spokeswoman Amy Cottrell said.

She said the jail has been using it for two years.

“The jail has also used it for surveillance and audio and video monitoring of inmates and staff,” she said.

The technology has not been used in a violent incident.

Madison Correctional Institute is the nation’s largest private prison, holding about 6,500 inmates.

It is the second largest prison in the United States behind Pelican Bay State Prison in New York.

The prison employs 1,200 guards and has more than 2,000 inmates.