How to take advantage of $5 million in incentives for Clemson University’s Behavioral Health Facility

Clemson University is in the midst of an expansion that will add another $5.5 million to its $150 million facility, which will be called PagoFacil.

The $150.5M facility is a five-story, 8-acre facility on the campus of Clemson University in the heart of South Bend, Indiana.

It will be the third facility built in South Bend by the University, and will be home to the University’s new Behavioral Health Center (BHC), which will include a behavioral health clinic and behavioral health services, a behavioral wellness clinic, and a behavioral sciences office.

This is a major facility expansion at Clemson, which is known for its aggressive recruitment and academic performance, and it is one of the most heavily-touted facilities in the country.

In 2017, Clemson made the College Football Playoff National Championship game when it hosted Alabama in a game that Clemson won 28-20. 

In 2018, Clemson finished second in the ACC Coastal Division behind Notre Dame.

Clemson finished 12th in the nation with an average attendance of 27,922. 

For 2017, the BHC was ranked No. 3 in the NCAA by American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and No. 4 by the American College Sports Medicine Association (ACSMMA). 

The BHC is the largest behavioral health facility on campus, and the largest facility on Clemson’s campus to date.

Clemson plans to add another 100 beds over the next two years, according to Clemson News, and is looking to add 500 additional beds over time.

The addition of the $150M facility will increase the size of the campus from around 200,000 to nearly 300,000. 

The additional capacity will increase campus capacity by 1,500 beds. 

“The new $150 M is a big step forward in building Clemson’s Behavioral Care Center,” said Dr. Joe A. Williams, the Director of the Behavioral Health Services Center at Clemson.

“This new facility is the culmination of an investment made in Clemson by the Department of Behavioral Health to provide a top-notch facility for all of our students and staff.

The BHC will serve students, faculty, staff, and visitors alike, and our community will benefit.”

The new facility will be open for all academic and academic-related activities, such as health screenings, behavioral health screenings and behavioral wellness services. 

 The new campus facility also features a newly designed indoor and outdoor locker rooms, which allow for increased access for students. 

There are also plans for new indoor swimming pools, volleyball courts, an indoor basketball court, and an indoor tennis court. 

All staff will receive a $1,000 monthly stipend, which includes a $5,000 cash stipend for those who work full-time. 

Overall, the $1.5 Million facility is expected to be the most-funded campus expansion in recent history. 

With a total budget of $2.3 Billion, the new facility at Clemson will have the largest campus expansion at any university in the United States. 

As part of the expansion, Clemson will also add a new 10,000 square foot office space, which it is calling the Office of Behavioral Healthcare. 

This office will be a full-service behavioral health and wellness facility for Clemson’s student-athletes, staff and faculty, which provides access to clinical services, services, and programs. 

When completed, the Office will have offices, labs, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and more. 

Additionally, Clemson has partnered with a private equity firm to build a new 30,000-square foot conference room that will serve as the main conference room for the new office. 

Dr. Williams said that the office will house the Behavioral Healthcare Clinic, which offers behavioral health training and counseling, behavioral wellness counseling, and clinical services for students, staff members, and faculty. 

According to the Clemson News article, the University also plans to open a $400 million office and research lab that will house a $4.5 billion office building that will be completed in 2021. 

A total of $150,000 in incentives will be available to Clemson University students, alumni, faculty and staff to use in order to increase enrollment in the Behavioral Care Centers. 

Dana Brown, Director of Behavioral Medicine, will lead the Behavioral Medicine and Health Services for the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department, and Dr. Williams will serve on the Department’s Clinical Management Advisory Committee. 

Additional incentives will also be available for Clemson faculty, alumni and staff, which include a $500 annual scholarship for Clemson undergraduate students.

Clemson is also offering a $3,500 bonus for all students who register for a course in the BHSS. 

During the expansion announcement, Clemson University also announced that it will open the first Behavioral Health Care Center in South Korea. 

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