‘The new world order’ as US jails crack down on asylum seekers

Newberry Correctional Facility in Ohio has been accused of using a jail staff member to smuggle asylum seekers out of the facility.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has called the incident “the new world orders”.

“This was a staff member who was working with other staff members in a correctional facility to help the correctional facility staff prepare for an asylum seeker entry,” a spokesperson for DHS told ABC News.

“Staff member had access to a secure facility to conduct these activities.

When this facility staff member left, the facility was closed for approximately 24 hours.

At the time, the department has no indication that any other staff member was involved.”

The spokesperson said that it was the first instance of staff members working with asylum seekers in the US detention system, but that other similar incidents were “likely” to occur.

“In some cases, staff members are assisting individuals to gain access to the United States.

However, in most cases, they are not.

The staff member in question was not involved in any of the alleged activities,” the spokesperson said.

Asylum seeker detained in Ohio jail facility: What we know about the incident The incident occurred at Newberry in Ohio.

The spokesperson said it was not clear whether the incident involved the same staff member as that involved in the smuggling of asylum seekers earlier this month, when a migrant was found dead in a detention facility in Pennsylvania.

A spokesperson for the department did not give a reason for the lockdown at Newbries facility, but did say that staff were being notified.

“The department has been in touch with the Ohio Department of Corrections to advise them that the staff member has been suspended and is being placed on administrative leave,” the DHS spokesperson said in a statement.

This incident comes after another facility in the United Kingdom also suspended staff members who assisted asylum seekers.

The Independent reported on Tuesday that an asylum seekers detention centre in Scotland, at Stranraer in Glasgow, had been forced to close on Monday after a security guard was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting an asylum-seeker woman.

The woman has now been released on bail.

The guard is currently being held on suspicion over an assault in England in March 2016.