Passport acceptance for Cuyahoga County jailers is in jeopardy after state rejects new rules

Cuyahsoga County Sheriff Wayne Dyer says the county has received a new passport rejection certificate from the state after the state Department of Corrections rejected the county’s application for a new state passport application.

The county submitted the application last month, which was rejected because it was not on file.

Dyer told The Plain Dealer on Wednesday that his office has since received the new passport application and has received instructions from the department.

Dyers office received the certificate on July 21 and submitted it to the department on July 28, which is two days after the county applied for a passport application with the new state.

Cuyaha County Sheriff’s Office photoCuyahogans application for passports was rejected last month because it wasn’t on file for the county.

Ders office said it is aware of the problems with that passport application, which will require additional review.

“This new certificate was issued on July 27 and I have received the instructions that I have to follow up with them,” Dyer said.

He said the department’s review will be complete by August 12.

“We will continue to follow this process and will work to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.”

The county application was sent to the State Department of Transportation in June.

“In the past, this office has been a member of the Cuyagoes passport application process and we have not had any issues,” Ders statement said.

“The department will provide a new application as soon as possible.

If the department is unable to respond to our requests for further information, we will work with them to resolve the issue.”

In the past the Ctyhoga County government has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of Ohio’s $1 billion passport program, receiving an average of more than $25 million in passport applications each year.

Last year, the county received more than 2,000 passport applications, according to data from the Ohio Department of Homeland Security.

In 2016, the Cgyhoga county received $3,800,000 in passport benefits.

The department is now reviewing a separate passport application submitted by Cuyajoga County in May that also was rejected.

That application was submitted to the county by an entity called the State of Ohio, which has been in negotiations with the Cxhoga Sheriff’s Department since January to issue passports.