How to find a courier job in Calgary

More than 2,400 jobs for a courier have been created in Calgary, but the city is struggling to find the people and skills to fill them.

The job postings on the Calgary Courier site say the job is temporary, and only available to people aged between 20 and 35.

However, a search of Calgary’s Department of Labour’s website revealed the jobs are for workers who have been employed at or around the Courier in the past six months.

According to the Alberta Employment Standards website, an employee is defined as someone who:Is employed at a courier service or facility or an agency engaged in the transportation of goods;Has been employed by a courier firm or agency in the previous 6 months;Has completed a minimum of four years of work experience as a courier operator;Has met the minimum qualifications required to apply for this type of position;Has a diploma or certificate of completion from a recognised courier school in the province;Has an approved travel document that is valid for a period of one year and includes:An International Driving License, Certificate of Travel Authorization, or other acceptable documentation issued by a recognized travel document authority in Canada or the United States;An approved passport;A valid medical certificate issued by the Government of Canada;A Canadian driver’s licence;A passport-holding travel document issued by an approved foreign travel authority; orA passport or other valid travel document, issued by another country that has recognized a Canadian passport holder as a citizen of Canada.

Anyone interested in the position is encouraged to apply at or call 403-977-4000.