New York inmate pleads not guilty to murder in fatal shooting

New York (AP) A New York man charged with killing his girlfriend in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2014 pleaded not guilty Tuesday to first-degree murder and is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 25.

The plea by Nicholas Lapiz Dibujosa was made in the county jail in New York City.

It came after the sentencing hearing was delayed several times as prosecutors sought to determine how to deal with the case after Dibojos’ mother, a former jail inmate, filed a restraining order.

The woman said she believes Dibuyos killed her daughter after he punched her during a fight.

The man faces the death penalty if convicted.

Dibjosa’s attorney, Steven Henson, said Dibajos is a victim of a crime and has the right to a fair trial.

Dubbing Dibujosa a “victim” is inappropriate and inappropriate, Henson said.

He asked that Dibbios face trial in a New York court.

A court hearing was set for 10 a.m. in Manhattan for Dibuiosa.

He has pleaded not a guilty and is awaiting a sentencing hearing.

He is also charged with second-degree assault.

His lawyer, Michael A. Smith, said the case is “far from over.”

Smith said Dizujos has no criminal history and was not under any type of restraining order at the time of the shooting.

Dibujoso was found with his girlfriend, Marlena Carrero, and a gun at the resort in Las Vegas.

Diamante was arrested the following day.

The court has heard that the couple was on a three-day trip to Mexico when Dibjuosa, who has a history of mental illness, confronted Carrero at the hotel.

A fight ensued and Dibucosa pulled a gun on Carrero.

She tried to flee but Dibbujas shot her multiple times in the chest.

Diamante is now serving a five-year sentence for assault with a deadly weapon.

The judge has allowed him to have his own attorney and can set bail at the $1 million-to-$1.5 million range.