The NBA’s biggest cities can’t agree on which arenas to build for 2018

Sports venues that host basketball games have long been a headache for cities seeking to attract the NBA’s most popular franchises.

Now, with the NBA poised to move all but one of its games from New York to Los Angeles for the 2018-19 season, a few cities are trying to strike a new balance in what’s already a contentious debate.

Here’s a look at some of the more interesting questions surrounding arena plans, including whether the new Los Angeles Clippers arena will be enough to keep the league’s biggest stars?

The Big Apple’s sports fans are already asking those same questions when they see a team like the Lakers playing in a city like New York City.

Here are the big questions that could determine which teams will be allowed to play at Barclays Center.

“This city is a big basketball city.

We love sports.

And this is a city that has a lot of pride in its sports.

That’s one thing I don’t see as a problem,” said New York resident Scott Meeks, a lifelong fan of the NBA and the New York Knicks.”

So, to me, I can’t imagine why we wouldn’t have an arena there.

We don’t need another one in New York,” said Mark Tushnet, an independent sports market analyst.”

It’s a great basketball city, with great basketball players.

And I don, I don’ think there’s a reason why we shouldn’t have one in L.A. I don,’t think that’s an issue,” said Los Angeles resident Eric Zeeb.”

I don’t think that they have a choice.

I think the people of L.S. should have the opportunity to have one.

And it would be a good thing for this city, and this city alone, because this is such a great sports market,” said Zeeber, a former NBA player who’s also the executive director of the Los Angeles Dodgers.”

If the Clippers play in L-A., they can play in New Jersey,” said San Diego resident Steve DeSanto, an avid Clippers fan who also works for the NFL’s San Diego Chargers.

The Clippers have not announced their intentions for next season yet, but they’re likely to play their home games at the Barclays Center, which seats 7,000.

The team also has an expansion bid in the works for 2019, which is the last season for which the city is eligible to host an NBA team.

If the L.O.C. is granted an expansion team, it would join the NBA at the peak of its popularity, as the Los Angles Lakers were at one point a perennial contender that went to the NBA Finals in 2000.

But now, as it struggles to keep pace with the rise of the new generation of NBA stars, some are questioning whether the league can afford to keep two teams in the city.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo called the arena issue a “basket of deplorables,” while New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that L.I.A., like most of America, is already suffering from a lack of affordable housing.

New York’s Republican Mayor Bill DeBlasio has called the Laker Arena proposal “ridiculous.”

“If L.L.A.’s a great NBA market, and L.C.’s the best basketball market, why are we going to build another basketball arena?” said de Blasio.

“And why would we continue to subsidize another one that’s going to have no impact on our city, no impact in our neighborhood?

I think that would be an unacceptable solution.”

L.I., with a population of just over 9 million, already has the highest housing vacancy rate in the country.

With a population that’s currently just over 6 million, there are fears that a L. Angeles Lakers basketball team could have a major negative impact on the area’s already fragile housing market.

The Brooklyn Nets’ move to Brooklyn from L. A. in 2019, the first NBA team to play in Brooklyn since the Brooklyn Nets won a franchise-record 78 games in 1993, was also met with protests from local residents.

The Lakers, which have played there since 1998, have yet to announce their intentions, but their move from Los Angeles will not impact the Lakers’ relationship with the city of Lousiville, a borough in Brooklyn’s East Side that is home to one of the largest numbers of immigrants in the United States.

In the borough of Brooklyn, which includes a large Spanish-speaking community, residents have already expressed concerns that the NBA team could hurt the local economy.

“It’s like the Yankees are bringing all the Mexicans and Mexicans from Lousoula here and then they’re sending them to the Lousalteas,” said L.J. Maza, a community activist.

“We’re like, ‘What’s wrong with you guys?’

And then they start telling us they want to sell the borough.”

But it’s unclear if the L Lakers will leave Brooklyn, as