How to use Apple’s ‘LTE’ features on a Lumia 950 –

A few months back, the Lumia 950 launched with the same feature set as the Lumia 920, but with some key tweaks to make it a better device for both Windows Phone and Android users.

In fact, Lumia 950 users may now be able to do a lot more than just make calls and text messages while on the go.

The company’s LTE standard was designed to offer an upgrade path for Lumia users with smartphones without LTE.

For those who don’t have LTE, the phone comes with a dedicated network which can be activated from within the app, but for those with LTE and need to have it on all the time, Lumia’s L2 and L3 bands are bundled with a data plan for $35 per month.

The new L3 band, which is more widely available than the L2 bands, includes 4G data for $45 per month and the equivalent of 2GB of LTE data for a total of 8GB.

The L2 network is also available as an option, but only in the US, and even that will be more expensive than the $35/month data plan, as the US is not one of the markets that has an L3 network.

The Lumia 950 can be preordered now for $649.99 and should hit shelves in March.

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