Which county will become the first to close all of its correctional facilities?

As the U.S. prison population continues to balloon, the nation’s top prison system is grappling with how to manage the aging facilities and keep them safe.As many as a half-dozen counties in the South and West have already closed or are considering closing their facilities, including Georgia’s McDonough County in the Atlanta suburbs.The Georgia Department […] →Read more

The best free UK flights from UK airports

UK airports have long been a popular destination for international travellers, and now many of the world’s major carriers are bringing the country’s air traffic to their destinations.Here’s a guide to the best free flights from the UK airports in the US, Europe, and Asia. →Read more

New York inmate pleads not guilty to murder in fatal shooting

New York (AP) A New York man charged with killing his girlfriend in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2014 pleaded not guilty Tuesday to first-degree murder and is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 25.The plea by Nicholas Lapiz Dibujosa was made in the county jail in New York City.It came after the sentencing hearing […] →Read more

How to use a credit card with Facile synonyms

A credit card that lets you pay for things with a smile is one of the many new things you can do with the Facile system.But you might not have been aware of what you’re signing up for.Here’s how to get started.Read more: What you need to know about Facile, the digital credit card.The Credit […] →Read more

Which of the West Midlands prisons are you waiting for?

The West Midlands, where the NHS is being forced to cut costs and the prisons are full, is one of the most expensive in the country, with a £40m price tag for a full-time correctional officer.The number of people locked up there has doubled in recent years and the prison population has risen from 5,700 […] →Read more

How to find a safe and loving home for LGBTQI youth

Next Big Futures: In 2018, the number of LGBTQI-identified youth has more than doubled, from just under 3% to over 17% according to the latest census data.In addition to the growing number of trans youth, the LGBTQI population is experiencing an increase in homelessness and sexual and gender-based violence, according to research conducted by the […] →Read more

How to get in shape at the Fed’s ‘baseball facility’

What is the Fed?The Federal Reserve is a quasi-governmental entity that has been operating since 1971.It’s part of the U.S. Treasury Department, and has two branches: the Federal Reserve Board, which oversees the Federal reserve system, and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).It is the central bank that sets monetary policy.In its first few years, […] →Read more

The NBA’s biggest cities can’t agree on which arenas to build for 2018

Sports venues that host basketball games have long been a headache for cities seeking to attract the NBA’s most popular franchises.Now, with the NBA poised to move all but one of its games from New York to Los Angeles for the 2018-19 season, a few cities are trying to strike a new balance in what’s […] →Read more

How to use Apple’s ‘LTE’ features on a Lumia 950 –

A few months back, the Lumia 950 launched with the same feature set as the Lumia 920, but with some key tweaks to make it a better device for both Windows Phone and Android users.In fact, Lumia 950 users may now be able to do a lot more than just make calls and text messages […] →Read more