Former AZ hospital chief resigns amid allegations of sexual harassment

The former CEO of a Phoenix hospital pleaded guilty to three counts of lewd and lascivious behavior in federal court Thursday after being charged with sexually assaulting women he supervised.Robert L. Levey, 71, of Phoenix pleaded guilty on Tuesday to three felony counts of sexually assaulting three women, according to court documents.He also was charged […] →Read more

The Best Places to Be When it Comes to Cars

It’s not often you can take your own car to the movies, but that’s exactly what happened for an Australian family who travelled to London to see the upcoming film The Fast and the Furious 6.The trip, which took the family from Sydney to Edinburgh, was one of the first of its kind in Australia, […] →Read more

The Overflow Facility at Otisville Correctional Facility Could Take Over the Residential Treatment Facility

Overflow facilities are prisons, jails, and detention facilities where inmates are placed temporarily in isolation to prevent violence and to avoid violence, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.Overflow prisons can be operated by private entities, state and federal governments, or private correctional facilities, according the BJS.Some have taken on the role of residential treatment […] →Read more

Prison guards face harsher sentences in California

Prison guards facing harsher sentences will face new mandatory minimum sentences under a proposal in California, the Associated Press reports.The bill passed in the Assembly last week, with Republican Assemblyman Tom Ammiano supporting it.In the Senate, Democrats have been trying to block the measure for months.The California Public Defender’s Office would take over the task […] →Read more

When inmates will get to come to a prison facility in Oregon

A new state-of-the-art facility in southern Oregon is set to open in a prison-like setting in 2022.The Franklin Correctional Facility is the largest facility in the state for federal offenders and will house up to 600 inmates, including up to 30 women.It will be the first facility to house women in the United States and […] →Read more

How to fix a problem with fitness center at Davis correctional facility

A fitness center that is supposed to provide recreation, health, socialization and other services for inmates in Collins Correctional Facility in Georgia was closed last week.According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the facility closed to allow staff to work with new inmates.Collins correctional officer Mark Crouch said the facility was under a mandatory closure order when […] →Read more

What you need to know about coronavirus in North Carolina

By GREG BRANDONWOOD-WOODS, APHealth editor-at-largeThe coronaviruses that cause severe illness, including pneumonia, can cause the respiratory tract to rupture and cause breathing problems.If the infection is too severe, respiratory failure and death may result.North Carolina has seen its share of cases.Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 4,000 people have died of coronaviral-related complications.The […] →Read more

How to Make a Memory Care Facility in 2 Minutes

I want to get to the point where I can go into a memory care facility and make my own facility in under a minute.But first, here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way.1.Don’t worry about the name.Most memory care facilities don’t have a name, but they’re going to have a variety of […] →Read more

How to get a wheelchair on the road

By LEE HANSENLEITNER | SEPTEMBER 13, 2018 04:03:24More than 3 million Americans live in nursing homes, according to the American Association of Health Care Workers, which advocates for more than 1.5 million elderly Americans.And nearly 6 million of them are in nursing facilities.But according to a new study, they also rely on the facilities to […] →Read more

How to get the best mental health care at Walmart, Wal-Mart said

NEW YORK — Wal-Mart Inc. is promising that its new online store and online shopping platform, called Mindset, will be the first of its kind in the world to make it easier for people to connect and share their thoughts about mental health and mental illness.The new online service, launched this week, will offer people […] →Read more