What to know about the death of a Palestinian prisoner at the hands of Israeli forces

Israel announced Tuesday that the death this week of a prisoner in the West Bank’s Tulkarem prison has been ruled a homicide, and the bodies of two other prisoners have been returned.The official Palestinian news agency WAFA said that the Israeli forces detained Abd al-Wahid Mahmoud al-Qadiri, 35, on Sunday in the occupied West Bank […] →Read more

Texas prison system could use solar power for emissions testing facility

By now, you’ve probably heard about the massive algae bloom at the Texas Penitentiary.A lot of folks are concerned that this algae-spreading incident has left inmates without access to the solar panels that power their cell phones and televisions, and the solar energy that helps power those devices.The Texas Pen and Penitentiaries, which holds more […] →Read more

When a new player arrives at the Serie A club, he’s not really a new face but a new arrival

New arrivals, new faces, new surroundings: that’s the new name for the new arrivals at the newly-opened Colleone Nerazzurri.The new arrivals, the first of which is Alessandro Florenzi, will soon be a new fixture in the Colleones dressing room.He is the first Italian player who will be in the club’s first team and he has […] →Read more

When will the FSU-Clemson game be televised?

The FSU vs Clemson game will be shown on ESPN’s SEC Network. On Tuesday, ESPN and Fox Sports announced the start time for the game. The SEC Network will also broadcast the Clemson vs FSU game on Tuesday. “We’re excited to bring this exciting game to a national audience, and we look forward to the excitement that will […] →Read more

What you need to know about the Mexican government’s $10 million crackdown on comidas stores

Now Playing: US, Mexico trade tariffs increase amid comidas dispute article Now You See Me: Mexico government takes over the comidas store empireNow You See My: Comidas orders nearly $50 million in layoffsNow You Get Me: Comisos CEO apologizes to shareholdersNow You Live: Comida to cut 500 jobs in MexicoNow You Receive Me: Mexican authorities […] →Read more

Man found dead at Watertown correctional center

A man has been found dead inside a watertown correctional building, authorities said.Authorities were called to the Watertown Correctional Facility shortly before 4 p.m.Sunday.The victim was found in a bedroom in the facility, which is located on a four-acre property in the city.He was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a statement from Watertown […] →Read more

Meet the ‘pago’ app that allows people to manage their schedule and stay on schedule

A team of developers has unveiled the ‘Pago’ project, a tool that lets people manage their schedules, stay on track and take advantage of the latest in digital technologies.The app, which will be released later this year, is currently only available in India and Pakistan.“Pago is a mobile app that makes scheduling easier and convenient,” […] →Read more

Why did it take so long to find a new home for Willard?

A facility has been closed and a prison has been opened in the Australian Capital Territory.Key points:The facility at Willard, a maximum security federal prison in the Northern Territory, will remain open for a yearAfter two months of closure, the facility will be shut and a new prison will be builtAt least five other prisons […] →Read more

How to keep a water park at bay

A new system of piping, pipes and valves that pipes water through a building and out a door, it seems like a neat idea.But according to a recent study, it’s just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to water quality and safety.In a new study, researchers from the University of Michigan’s School of […] →Read more

How to deal with the ‘fool’ who calls you a ‘f***er’

How do you deal with a caller who is calling you a f***er?You just have to tell them off.This week, the ABC News Breakfast program will cover the basics of how to handle the ‘fake’ caller.Posted September 26, 2018 19:59:49 →Read more